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Question & Answer

I have never done any sport and I am afraid pole dance is too hard for me?

Beginners course is designed more for relaxing and learning of basics. You can then decide if this type of sport/dance is good for you. Everybody can handle Level 1!!

What is the difference in POLE DANCE and POLE FITNESS?

The main difference is that after the warm up in the pole dance lessons we are practicing trick, turns and short choreography and in fitness pole we are using form of circuit training. Beginners course (so called Pole Dance / Fitness Level 1) is in the elements and teaching (until the end of the lesson - choreo / strengthening) pretty similar. Differences in expression and dance tricks are especially from  Level 2 (since the basis is the same for everyone).

I would like to subscribe for Pole Fitness L1, but the courses are already full. Can I handle Pole Dance, when I am not good in dancing at all?

Definitely yes! The pole will be your reliable dance partner! This is not about big movements.You will find that pole dancing is much easier with a pole than without! ;-)

May I use the program Benefits+ for Vertigo courses?

Yes, we accept Benefits+. We will contact you in case of payment by Benefits+ card. Your points will be authorized two days before the start of the course in case of payment via benefit portal.

Can men attend your classes?

Yes, men can excel in the following courses: Belly six pack, Fitness Workout, Power Pole and advanced levels of the Pole Fitness (here is a consultation for selection of the appropriate level).

Is Pole dance for women who are not lean?

Of course! For better imagination watch the video. If you want to visit our courses in order to lose some kilos, we recommend to combine the basic course with other fitness lessons. Do not hesitate to consult with our trained instructors!

I would like to sign up, but I am afraid POLE DANCE is more for young girls.

It is not! Workout can be done at any age and if you go to the gym at fifty there is no reason to be afraid to try pole fitness! Workout is fun and takes place in a small group (max. 10 persons) so you can be sure you will find new friends to share your knowledge and skills. A nice proof of  this is an article written by reporter Simon Votyová who completed the course POLE DANCE L1 with us.

Can I replace missed lessons?

You have the possibility of two substitutes in this course. In case you will not be able to attend the lesson and you will know in advance, please send info to recepce@pole-fitness.cz to arrange a possibility of compensation in another course. We will gladly advise you about all possibilities in other courses of the same level or recommend any open class.

Missed and not replaced lessons will be lost until the end of the semester. In case of sudden health problem documented by a medical report we will allow to shift lessons to the next season, or give you a chance to sell them to someone else.

Newly announced weekend lessons are belonging to any of course and cannot be use for replacing of nissed lessons.

Some tricks and spins seem to me dangerous.

Yes, some of them definitely are. But it does not concern to the beginner sourses. There you can get some bruises or skin burn- usually as a result of poor technique of element. Over time, the occurrence decrease. Exercise of the pole is at your own risk - before the course begins you will sign the form that you are aware of it.

What is an appropriate clothes for pole dance/fitness?

In the beginner is courses we will primarily train the shoulders and the upper part of the body. We definitely recommend two layers of clothing, including ballerinas / gym shoes / various dance shoes. For the initial warm-up and final stretching is necessary to have warm muscles (Your heart rate and muscle activity will be reduced together with your temperature). You can then avoid aching of muscles. For hygienic reasons please bring your own towel which you put on top of the mat.

How does it work OPEN CLASS lesson?

We have opened OPEN CLASS lessons for selected courses which are usually not continuing (exercises / tricks which are not later re-explained). You can attend irregularly and pay in cash before class begins.You must apply via Internet for each open class lesson. We recommend a discounted ticket for 6 Open Class lessons. You can buy it directly at the reception.

What should I do if I want to jump into the course which is currently running?

We will be treating this situation individually. It mainly depends on your previous experiences / skills etc. Financially it means to pay for an adequate number of lessons remaining until the end of the course (the price will be lower than the potential open class). All you questions please send to recepce@pole-fitness.cz.


How I can apply for a course while my job is split to short and long working week?

In this case, you sign up for two courses at the same time and you will visit them according your work schedule (odd week course A and even week course B). It is always necessary to take into account the capacity on the one hand and the level of both courses on the other hand (eg do not combine Pole dance L1 and L3). One of the options is registration for a course Pole Dance / Fitness Pole and at the same time one of the courses focus on fitness such as belly six pack / Workout / Stretching.